A Thin Line is all about the most important invention in human history, the visual document- Ok, maybe it's a close 2nd to the plow but still..


The Sketchbook Challenge- Topic "Shelter"

Hey there, Ladies and Germs- Just wanted to throw a quick post up here in honor of a cool blog out there called The Sketchbook Challenge. Nicole (the wife) called my attention to the site and it piqued my interest. This month's topic is "Shelter" so I busted out a piece last night that takes a different look at the meaning of the term. That last line isn't grammatically correct but I haven't eaten breakfast yet.-




Stubborn Fool Finally Gives Digital Drawing a Chance

  Yup. It happened. The Wacom tablet that I had been shoving to the side of my office desk in my wife's absence to clear room for the keyboard finally seduced me into taking it for a spin. I bought the shiny black drawing tablet for Nicole two Christmases ago to help her touch up her own artwork with Photoshop.

  We both used to clean up our images on the computer before sending them off to wherever the hell it is artwork likes to go and the mouse was going the way of the dinosaur anyway. Man, it's hard to concentrate with this freakin cyber club music blaring in the other room- Nicole says she's watching a "documentary"- Okaaay-   

   Long story short, I refused to use the Wacom for its intended usage until today and I find it pretty damn fun. Once I found the right brush in Photoshop it was smooth sailing. Betcha couldn't even tell this sketch was digital, huh? Didja?  Rock and roll-


A long and windy road- Windy like a snake, not like a hurricane

I'm not going to write too much about the process of this painting but you will clearly see how many changes a painting will go through before it is deemed complete.

Most of the time I will get frustrated when I "lose" something in the painting that I liked but if you push through that, you can find a new solution. A part of me still wishes I kept the face how it was in the beginning stages (second picture from left) but at least I have the photos to remind me of what I had.






Drawing for Lent

As kids, my sisters and I would always give up a favorite activity (usually eating candy) for the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter. I think we even gave up T.V. one year, Gasp! Correct me if I'm wrong there, girls- So anyway, this year Nicole (my loving wife) suggested I complete, and complete is the key word here, one drawing a day for Lent. This idea is more appealing to me than giving up one of my vices so here we go!

 This first entry is from yesterday so yes I will have to complete another drawing in the next 8.5 hours to qualify for Sainthood or whatever. 

#1  Forlorn Crayon


Cabin Fever

Going pretty crazy in the shack here this winter- Especially since we've had 8 feet of snow in the last week. It's given me lots of time to sit and draw though, which is always good- I've also picked up some work with a fresh new T-shirt co which I'm pretty damn excited about. I'll post some of the sketches after I confirm disclosure permission with the CEO-    Until then, here's some other drawlings for ya- That's right, "drawlings". I've been speaking with a southern drawl lately-

Pages from today's sketch book- I think I'll spend the night throwing some highlights in there-

Nice, that's better


St. Michael tat

Rockin a fresh take on the classic image of St. Michael slaying the demon. It's a tattoo design for my cousin who works in Law Enforcement. Aw heck, I'm gonna end up throwing this bad boy on MY back.


Back to the Streetz

Messing around with a little Graf, something I haven't done in a while. Can't wait to color this bad boy-



Back to reality..

My plan is to basically bombard this page with all the award winning sketches I produce constantly- I just wave my hand across the page and what appears is the visual gold you see before you. (Chokes on the tongue that was firmly lodged in my cheek)

 I promise I will showcase some new work soon but for now it's strictly A.D.D. sketching-


Human History



warm up sketching gone bad

Sometimes when you say you're just going to "get the juices flowing" and warm up the pencil a bit you end up with some disgusting creatures. Being in a terminally bad mood doesn't help matters, I suppose, but I will not allow my next exercise to include anything but flowers and candy-